Hypothyroidism Revolution – The apparent speed of weight loss on the mono-diet

Hypothyroidism Revolution – The apparent speed of weight loss on the mono-diet has a great danger for the health and for the figure in the future. Very often I meet women online reviews that boast that she lost 10 pounds in a month on one of the mono diet. However, then they are sorely noticed by the weight back soon.

Yes, and with a vengeance! One of the reasons for the rapid return of weight – go to the usual diet. After a long time there is only cabbage or drink only kefir impossible. During monodiets your body will not receive the necessary nutrients for life. And will not receive a huge volume. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to disruption of almost all body systems disturbed and fat metabolism Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

Metabolism slows down. Body accustomed during monodiets, to a limited number of calories and nutrients, goes into power saving mode. When you return to the usual diet, it literally breaks down and trying to gain nutrients “in reserve”. And because the metabolism is slowed down, then scored calories are not burned and deposited in fat. Therefore, any long-term mono-diet – it is a serious stress for your body The Success Stories Tom Brimeyer

Then abruptly losing weight, and then recovering, you “loosen” up your metabolism, throwing it from one extreme to another. The consequences can be very sad. In weight loss saying “Slow and steady wins – will continue” is particularly relevant. The slower you lose weight, the more stable will be the result in the future Privacy Policy Here


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